Why not take a stroll to the Old Town of Naantali to sniff the winds of history or venture to the shore to admire the majestic sea view? On a beautiful summer day, you can enjoy the sun on the beach or play tennis in the nearby church park. In wintertime, you can find great and well lit cross-country skiing tracks only a few minutes from our hotel’s door.

At Hotel Bridget Inn, we can put together a package during your stay or company event, where the program is customized to fulfill your needs. We can add the following program highlights and wellness services to your visit (these activities are only provided for groups):

Fishing: A fishing trip customized according to your needs is a great way to let go of every-day stress, chores and acquiant yourself with the unique archipelago of the maritime Naantali.

Refreshment Days: We can customize a suitable package, which includes competitive group competitions, like i.e. town orienteering in Naantali’s historic Old Town.

Winter activities: We can offer you i.e. snow shoe trekking, ice fishing and kicksledding. The Finnish winter offers all kinds of intriguing activities. Our foreign guests are particularly fascinated by the arctic winter. Already the act of walking on the surface of a frozen sea can be an entirely new and exciting experience to many visitors.

Well-being/Wellness: The most important factor in a successful business is a well motivated and physically fit staff. To your company event we can also add i.e. fitness tests, muscle fitness tests for groups, walking tests for groups, relaxation therapy, zone therapy, aromatherapy massage and cosmetic care services.

All afore mentioned program services, events and activities are organized by our professional partners.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll customize an unforgettable day for you and your company!